Build Your Career As An Esthetician

Being in the field of esthetics, and becoming an esthetician is one of the most challenging career paths you will take, but it is also equally rewarding. As an esthetician, you have a huge responsibility every day you go to work. The clients opting for your services, are trusting you with one of the most important things to them, their skin. They will also trust you to suggest the right procedure and products for their skin related issues. Based on the results they are expecting, it becomes your job to assess their skin type, choose and perform the right procedure for them.

One of the most important things that you need to inculcate as an esthetician is the art of communicating effectively. When a client comes in for the first time, they might be hesitant or find it difficult to communicate their requirements to you. In such cases, you will have to step-up and make the client feel as comfortable as possible. You must have a friendly approach and patiently understand their concerns to provide them with an individualised treatment that is specific to their concern and skin type. Here at Lash + Company, we truly believe this to be one of the most important things that you must know as an esthetician; which is why sessions on interpersonal skills are a part of our curriculum.

Once you become a licensed esthetician, the next thing you must focus on is to build a client base. To do that, you must first start by creating your portfolio to showcase all the work you have done so far; this would include high quality pictures, along with the client testimonials. If you are just starting out as an esthetician, you can have rewards, and offers for your clients. Based on the service provided, be rest assured that the above perks will keep your clients coming back to you. Networking within the beauty community is another great way to increase your client base. Majority of your networking usually starts at your beauty school, and retaining those relationships and collaborating with other estheticians will grow your client base by a huge margin.

Being an esthetician is almost as good as being a doctor. You constantly have to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies, procedures, and products. While getting your esthetician license, you must check when the license has to be renewed and also ensure that you meet the continuing education requirements as and when you need to. Whilst being an esthetician might sound demanding, be rest assured that it is very fulfilling. You would be the reason that a client would look and feel their very best every day. So take the first step to become a successful esthetician by checking out our courses and enrolling today!