Education at Lash + Company offers a wide range of courses to choose from, some of which include Esthetic Training, Cosmetic Injectables, Dermaplaning and so on. Being a certified esthetician from Lash + Company will not only boost your career opportunities in the current market, but also enable you to be the best in your field. For more information, refer to the Classes section on our website.

Front of the Lash and Company Education Facility


Education at Lash + Company offers a chance to fully immerse yourself in our tested and refined beauty training programs, which are designed specifically to cater to the needs of the current esthetic market. Our seats book up fast, as we have a limited class size. Register before it’s too late!


The training courses from Education at Lash + Company are 100% committed to the evolution and progression of the esthetic industry.

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Modern Technology

Exposing our students to the best-in-class training facility, which is fully compliant with the state guidelines. Also, offering both a focused and safe learning environment. Curating courses whilst staying up-to-date with the latest techniques in the market.

Latest Techniques

Curating courses to set you up for success -- we teach in-demand skills clients love!

State Certification

It is important for us as an organisation to have state certification for all our courses. Hence, our cosmetic school is approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and Division of Private Occupational Schools.

Hands-On Approach

We strongly believe in providing our students with the best experience and guidance from top-notch industry experts and trainers in an approachable beauty school setting.

Limited Class Size

We intentionally make an effort to have a limited class size to provide one-on-one attention to every student.


Lash + Company takes pride in offering high-quality education and hands-on experience to our students so that they can gain the skills they need to thrive in their chosen field.

Our wonderful students testify the Lash + Company curriculum, the teaching methods, and their experience over all.


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A passionate esthetician and experienced educator, Bailey is committed to giving back to the industry by developing world class services and advanced education programs.

Bailey is named after her two grandmothers.


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