Unlock the art of microneedling through our comprehensive 6-hour training program, thoughtfully designed to be completed in just one day. Delve into the technique, skill, and theory necessary for the secure and proficient execution of microneedling treatments. Our course seamlessly blends educational training with hands-on experience, empowering you to confidently administer microneedling procedures with precision and safety. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certification, validating your expertise and authorizing you to perform microneedling treatments.


Embark on a journey of knowledge with our microneedling course, covering key topics such as:

  • Identifying the clinical applications of microneedling
  • Demonstrating treatment protocols and proper usage of microneedling devices
  • In-depth sessions on pre- and post-treatment care instructions
  • Exploring how microneedling addresses various skincare concerns
  • Evaluating clients’ skin to determine optimal procedures for effective results
Skin treatment


Our microneedling course aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Review and implement methods and techniques essential for effective microneedling.
  • Cultivate a deep understanding and proficiency in performing microneedling procedures.
  • Optional purchase of the Collagen PIN Kit available upon enrollment.
microneedling course


What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique originally designed for skin rejuvenation, now applied to various indications such as acne scars, acne, post-traumatic/burn scars, and more.

What will you learn?

At Lash + Company Education, you will gain the expertise needed to safely perform microneedling treatments.

How many hours is the course?

Our microneedling training is a 6-hour program completed in a single day.

Why choose Lash + Company Education?

Expertise: Our educational training ensures confidence in performing microneedling procedures with precision and safety.
Certification: Upon completion, receive a certification validating your training.


Education at Lash + Company understands you are making an investment in yourself and our program. Our mission is to create beauty education accessible to anyone who demonstrates a desire to further their education in the field of esthetics. Learn more about our financing options and flexible payments.

There are no required materials needed for our microneedling course.

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