Welcome to Lash + Company Education, where we elevate the esthetic industry through dedicated excellence, expert instruction, and leadership development. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, shaping capable students poised for success in the professional field of esthetics.

Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted courses that prioritize hands-on training experiences. Led by industry experts and certified trainers, our programs empower you to cultivate your practice with confidence. At Lash + Company, we understand the importance of personalized learning, maintaining limited class sizes to ensure you fully engage in our refined and proven training programs.

Whether you’re a budding esthetician or seeking to enhance your skills, our business casual approach creates an environment where learning is enjoyable and tailored to individual needs. Join us on the journey to not only become skilled professionals but also to positively impact the community through the art of esthetics. Your future in the industry begins here at Lash + Company Education.

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Begin your career with our dynamic 600-hour Esthetics program, carefully crafted to blend the best of online convenience with hands-on, in-classroom mastery.

Dive into a comprehensive curriculum encompassing essential theory, from industry rules and regulations to safety protocols, sanitation standards, and the intricacies of skin care ingredients. At Lash and Company Edu, we go beyond textbooks, providing a holistic educational experience that equips you with the knowledge needed for success.

Immerse yourself in the art of beauty as you cultivate hands-on skills in facials, waxing, and makeup application. Our program is designed to unleash your creativity and refine your technique under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Don’t just dream about a thriving career—take action! Join Lash and Company Edu, where innovation meets tradition, and turn your passion into a profession. Your journey to becoming a skilled esthetician begins here. Enroll now and sculpt your future in the world of beauty!


Lash and Company Edu believes in the power of education to transform lives and communities. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, and we are thrilled to introduce the Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship, an initiative that embodies our dedication to fostering the ambitions of students and professionals alike.

At Lash and Company Edu, we understand the transformative impact that beauty and wellness professionals can have on individuals’ lives. This scholarship, presented in collaboration with, aims to support ambitious individuals who are committed to making a positive difference through their work in the beauty industry.

We invite students, including DACA recipients, who are pursuing a career in beauty to seize this opportunity. By applying for the Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship, you could be awarded $2,500 to contribute towards your tuition and educational expenses. This scholarship is not just about financial support; it’s a recognition of your passion and dedication to enhancing the well-being of others.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in the beauty industry. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2022. Join us in our mission to empower individuals and uplift communities through education and the pursuit of excellence in beauty and wellness.


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