This course combines both online and offline training sessions, totaling over 50 hours. The online component requires 10 hours of coverage, while the remaining 40 hours focus on hands-on clinical training. Our cosmetic laser training is meticulously crafted to educate estheticians on the fundamentals of laser operation, detailing clinical applications in the industry, and fostering a comprehensive understanding of laser safety for both clients and practitioners. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to practice in medical esthetics, collaborating with nurses and doctors in this lucrative field. A certification will be awarded, validating your training and certification to perform cosmetic laser treatments.


The topics covered in the cosmetic laser course include:

Comprehensive Laser Didactics

  • Laser History Theory
  • Mechanics of Lasers Theory
  • Laser and Skin Physics Theory
  • Laser Safety Theory
  • Laser Maintenance Theory
Laser Training


Below are the course objectives for our cosmetic laser course:

  • Develop confidence in handling various types of cosmetic laser devices and technology
  • Accurately analyze skin types and adeptly match them with the most suitable treatment, considering indications and contraindications
  • Attain the proficiency to deliver effective results through cosmetic laser treatments


A Practical Guide to Laser Procedures by Rebecca Small

The following equipment will be utilized in your training to ensure your proficiency in working with various types of laser devices:

  • Venus Concepts Versa: IPL 515, IPL 580, Viva, Diamond Polar, Octipolar, and 690 XL Laser Hair Removal
  • Lumenis
  • Q-switch
  • Nd:Yag Laser
cosmetic laser course


What are cosmetic laser procedures?

Cosmetic Laser procedures are used to treat various skin conditions, some of which include, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, and skin tightening.

What is the employment scope for laser technicians?

As a laser technician, you can work at physicians’ offices, medspas, day spas, beauty salons, niche boutiques, and fitness centers.

What will you learn from the course?

The cosmetic laser training is designed to train estheticians the fundamentals of how lasers work, describe the clinical applications in the industry, and promote an understanding of laser safety for both the client and practitioner.

How many hours do you need to put in for the course?

This course is a mixture of online and offline training sessions spanning over 50 hours. The online training sessions must be covered in 10 hours and the offline hands-on clinical training must be covered in the remaining 40 hours.


Education at Lash + Company offers flexible payment plans and our goal is to make our training accessible to those who are prepared to advance their careers in esthetics.

Our school offers Advanced IPL for even more expertise in the field of laser esthetics.

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