5 Great Things About Being A Lash Artist

Once upon a time, having eyelash extensions was a luxury, or something to get done for a special occasion. However, in today’s day and age, they have become a part of a person’s regular beauty routine. Within no time, eyelash extension services have become the fastest growing service in the beauty industry. So much so, it was reported that the eyelash extension industry’s net worth is estimated to reach $ 1.5 billion by 2025. So we have listed out a few reasons why it is so great being a lash artist!

Letting Your Creative Juices Flow

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you are not just a professional, but also an artist. Every client has their own specific needs when it comes to extensions. It becomes your job to fulfill each client’s requirement as you see fit; to determine and decide what would be the best option, and create a unique look specific to a particular client’s requirement. That’s the kind of creativity that actually makes you an artist, and not just a professional technician.

Flexible Work Hours

Being a lash artist opens a lot of doors for you in terms of your work. You can choose to work from a salon, have your own studio, work out of your house, or even make house calls. What’s common across all of the above is the fact that you get to choose the number of hours you put in, and when you put them in. It’s as good as being your own boss! There are very few people who can boast about their flexible working hours, and you will be one among them.

Establish Your Own Clientele

When you work for a salon, your work as a lash artist is what will help you establish a regular clientele. Based on your work, a client will decide whether they want to come back again for the next service. Once you have regular clients who come specifically for your service, you can fly solo by setting up your own studio. Also, you can build great rapport with your clients who might recommend you to other people, thus expanding your network!

Job Security

In college, one always wonders if they will ever get a job. This is not the case when it comes to lash extension training. Once you finish your training, be rest assured that you will find a job that is 100% relevant to your field. You can work for yourself, a salon, or even become an eyelash extension trainer yourself! Honestly, this field is as lucrative as it can get.


The investment that you make in lash extension training is so worth it because the returns on it are high. On an average, a lash extension artist makes around $ 45,000 – $ 50,000 a year. Now, that price only goes higher with experience, the number of full sets ($130 roughly per set) you do, and the number of fills ($65 on an average) you do on a daily basis. With all of this lined up, a six figure salary per year is just waiting to be yours!