Lash and Company: Student to Franchise Plan

Lash and Company is committed to fostering the growth and development of our dedicated students by providing a clear pathway from education to franchise ownership. This structured plan outlines the steps necessary for students to become franchise owners, emphasizing hands-on experience, leadership development, and corporate support.

Step-by-Step Pathway

1. Enroll as a Student at Lash and Company

Duration: 5 months
Objective: Gain comprehensive training in aesthetic services.
Details: Students will receive expert instruction and hands-on practice in the latest techniques, client management, and business operations. They will receive state approved training and a certification.

2. Apply and Get Hired at a Lash and Company Location

Duration: Ongoing until hired
Objective: Transition from student to employee.
Details: Upon completion of the training program, students will apply for positions at Lash and Company locations. Successful candidates will be hired based on their skills, professionalism, and passion for the industry.

3. Work as a Lash and Company Employee

Duration: 1 year
Objective: Gain practical experience and demonstrate reliability and expertise.
Details: Employees will work under the supervision of experienced professionals, serving clients and learning the operational aspects of the business. Performance reviews and feedback sessions will be conducted regularly to ensure growth and improvement.

4. Promotion to Lead or Manager

Duration: Varies based on performance, typically after 1 year of employment
Objective: Step into a leadership role.
Details: Employees showing exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and a strong work ethic will be considered for promotion to Lead or Manager. This role involves overseeing daily operations, managing staff, and ensuring high service standards.

5. Work as a Lead or Manager

Duration: 18 months
Objective: Develop leadership and managerial skills.
Details: In this role, individuals will gain deeper insights into business management, including scheduling, inventory control, client relations, and staff training. They will also participate in advanced training programs provided by Lash and Company to enhance their leadership abilities.

6. Eligibility for Franchise Opportunities

Duration: After 18 months as Lead/Manager
Objective: Prepare for franchise ownership.
Details: Leads and Managers who have successfully demonstrated their capabilities will become eligible to apply for franchise ownership. Candidates will undergo a thorough interview and vetting process conducted by the Lash and Company corporate franchise team.

Corporate Franchise Team Interview and Vetting Process

Objective: Ensure candidates are well-prepared and suitable for franchise ownership.
Details: The corporate franchise team will evaluate candidates based on their performance history, leadership skills, business acumen, and financial readiness. Successful candidates will be approved to move forward with franchise opportunities.

Franchise Ownership and Support

Objective: Open and operate a Lash and Company franchise location.
Details: Approved candidates will receive up to the full loan amount required to open their own Lash and Company location. The corporate team will provide ongoing support, including site selection, initial setup, marketing strategies, and continuous operational guidance to ensure the success of the new franchise.

Lash and Company’s Student to Franchise Plan is designed to cultivate dedicated professionals and provide them with the opportunity to grow within the company. By following this structured pathway, motivated individuals can transition from students to successful franchise owners, contributing to the growth and success of Lash and Company. For more info email

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