The Career And Growth Opportunities At Lash + Company

If you dream of building your career in the beauty industry, getting licensed as an esthetician might prove to be your golden ticket to opportunities. A licensed esthetician can work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, resorts, and medical offices.

What Are The Career Opportunities For A Licensed Esthetician?

As a licensed esthetician, you have many opportunities to look into. Whether it involves working in skincare, specializing in certain areas, or even starting a business of your own – when you have an esthetics license, you open up a lot of doors for yourself.

Some estheticians also choose to start their own businesses or work freelance. Opportunities for estheticians can include working as a skincare specialist, a makeup artist, or working with clients to develop and implement skin care regimens.

Some estheticians may also choose to specialize in areas such as waxing, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments. In addition to providing treatments, estheticians may also be responsible for sales and customer service, as well as maintaining cleanliness and sterilization standards in their work areas.

How Lash + Company Can Help You Build And Grow As A Licensed Esthetician?

Lash + Company can be the perfect starting point in your journey of growth in the beauty industry. Here’s how you can benefit from Lash + Company as a student or a professional:

As a student:

As a student, you must be someone who is still looking out for the different options that are available to you. At Lash + Company EDU, we have created an environment that nurtures curiosity and helps you learn all the professional skills required to kickstart your career as an esthetician.

Our students get opportunities to learn from experts in the industry who have developed their knowledge and skillset through years of experience. We believe that learning extends beyond the four walls of a room, and we have inculcated this idea in our curriculum in the form of hands-on training and practical sessions that allow you to be prepared for the job from your very first day.

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As a professional:

If you are someone looking to venture into the beauty industry, even then, Lash + Company has a lot to offer. At Lash + Company, we offer services ranging from laser treatments, eyelash extensions, and tanning to permanent makeup, botox, and fillers. So, if you are a licensed esthetician, you will find many exciting opportunities that suit your skillset and align with your passion.

And, even if you’re not a licensed esthetician, if you are someone with a passion for the beauty industry – then we may have something to offer to you as well. Lash + Company is an ever-growing family of franchises and we’re expanding! So, if your dream career aligns with the idea of running your own business in beauty, you will find our franchising models exciting.

Whether you’re looking to grow as an esthetician or build your own business as a franchisee in the beauty industry, at Lash + Company, we are always looking for great talent and passion to join us on board!

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