Welcome to Lash and Company Education, where we invite you to elevate your skills and career through our Advanced Esthetics Courses. Our programs are designed for Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and select medical personnel seeking hands-on experience and expertise in cutting-edge treatments.

Discover the artistry of eyelash extensions and master the intricacies of volume eyelash extensions. Explore the latest advancements in skincare through our courses on advanced exfoliation, dermaplaning, microneedling, and microdermabrasion. Unlock the secrets of lasting beauty with our training in permanent makeup application. Additionally, delve into the world of cosmetic injectables to enhance your proficiency and broaden your professional horizons.

At Lash and Company Edu, we prioritize quality education, offering small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and an immersive learning experience. Our expert instructors bring real-world insights to the classroom, providing you with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the rapidly evolving beauty industry.

Join us and embrace the opportunity to advance your career with our comprehensive and industry-leading programs. Your journey to mastering advanced esthetics starts here. Enroll today and step into a world of endless possibilities.


Our program encompasses the essential criteria for aspiring estheticians, including:

  • Comprehensive coverage of beauty industry laws, rules, and regulations
  • Thorough introduction to disinfection, sanitation, and safety protocols
  • Fundamental insights into facials and skincare practices
  • Advanced sessions focusing on elevated standards of disinfection, sanitation, and safety
  • Advanced sessions delving into intricate facets of facials and skincare
  • In-depth exploration of hair removal techniques during dedicated sessions
  • Detailed sessions on skin anatomy and physiology for a comprehensive understanding
  • Guidance on effective approaches to client consultations
  • Focused sessions on professional development and avenues for further training
  • Insightful session covering management, ethics, interpersonal skills, and salesmanship

In addition, we provide advanced esthetic training through more specialized and in-depth classes, including:

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Below outline the objectives of our esthetic training program:

  • Developing the confidence and integrity necessary to embody positivity and professionalism as a skilled esthetician
  • Enhancing communication skills to effectively engage with clients and ensuring the delivery of high-quality services
  • Acquiring proficiency in basic technical and analytical skills to expertly choose optimal treatments for individual clients
  • Building the confidence to make informed judgments based on a combination of provided information and practical and academic learning
  • Fostering a motivation to pursue ongoing education, including advanced esthetic training or esthetic medicine courses
  • Facilitating preparation for the state board esthetics exam and obtaining certification as a professional esthetician


Required reading for the course includes the 12th Edition of Milady Standard Esthetics Fundamentals.

Please note, Lash + Company school provides the necessary supplies for the course.

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Not only do we offer flexible financing, but you don’t need to face complex procedures to figure out the perfect option for you. All you need to do is visit and fill in your details.

Upon receiving your application, Climb Credit will promptly review it and tailor a financing offer specifically for your educational journey. This individualized approach guarantees that you benefit from the most favorable terms and conditions, making education more affordable and accessible than ever before.


What is esthetic training?

The esthetic training program is designed to prepare students for a career in esthetics or a related field. It covers topics such as basic skills, safety, work habits and business skills.

What kind of classes can I expect?

Our courses range from microblading classes to permanent make up courses. You will receive high-quality training in laser cosmetic procedures and have the opportunity to learn about cosmetic injectables and eyelash extensions as well.

What is the employment scope in the field of esthetics?

Aspiring estheticians can choose from different career paths such as employment at salons or med spas. They can also build a career in cosmetics marketing, purchasing, or beauty consulting.

What is the yearly income of an esthetician?

The estimated average income of an esthetician is $40,000 per year.

What does our esthetic training course cover?

Education at Lash + Company covers esthetics courses which follow all the state-mandated guidelines to get you certified as a licensed esthetician. The training hours for this program are 600 Hours over the course of 6 months.

Why choose Education at Lash + Company?

Our esthetician program is conducted in our impeccable facility, with high-quality equipment, and some of the best instructors available.


Ready to become an esthetician? Contact us today, and we will guide you as per your interests and help you choose a course that is most suitable to you.

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