Welcome to Lash and Company Edu, where education meets sophistication. Our campuses redefine learning with an atmosphere of refined luxury, from well-lit classrooms to cutting-edge labs. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our facilities ensure an advanced and immersive educational experience. At Lash and Company Edu, we cultivate a community where creativity and skill development thrive. Our industry-leading professionals provide personalized attention, crafting an enriching learning journey tailored to individual needs. Enroll with us to experience the pinnacle of elegance in education, where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life.


Discover your passion for aesthetics with Lash + Company Edu! Our intentionally small class sizes ensure a personalized and supportive learning journey. Whether you’re starting your esthetician career or looking to elevate your skills, we cater to all experience levels. At Lash + Company, we prioritize your well-being and success. Our dedicated team is committed to nurturing your growth, ensuring your success is our success.

Join us in creating a warm, empowering community where your dreams thrive. Secure your spot today and embark on a journey of skill enhancement and career advancement with Lash + Company Edu..


Visiting the school and taking a tour of the facility is the best way to get a good feel of what it will truly be like. Seeing is believing! How do you schedule a tour at Education at Lash and Company? There are a couple of different ways:

You can fill out the online form on either www.lashandcompanyedu.com, reach out to us via our social media platforms or call us directly at +1303.330.4969. Once you fill out the form, our coordinators will call you and schedule a time for you to visit the facility. We will walk you through the campus while answering any questions you have. You can learn more about what programs are available, schedules, and even resources the school offers students to help them become beauty professionals after their time at school.

Watch Liz, your in-state agent giving us a walk through of the Lash and Company Education facility.

Esthetic Excellence

In 2016, we achieved recognition as a state-approved Esthetic and Advanced Esthetic training facility. Expanding our reach in 2018, we successfully franchised our Med Spa business model, establishing ourselves as Colorado’s largest Med Spa, boasting over 25 locations across the United States. Currently, we take pride in operating three Colorado training facilities and one in Dearborn, MI.

At Lash and Company Edu, where the bedrock of our success is the dedicated and passionate individuals who form our exceptional staff. At the heart of our achievements is a profound appreciation for the pivotal role our team plays in shaping the educational excellence we consistently strive for.Together, we are dedicated to maintaining a culture that values and uplifts our staff, making them an indispensable part of the Lash and Company Edu family.